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Audio Acupuncture™

The Audio Acupuncture™ Energy CDs have been developed to create very specific effects for various parts of the physical and subtle physiology.

Human beings, as everything in the Universe, are comprised not only of the gross matter of the physical world however of the energy of subtle realms as well. Referred to as the “subtle body” by Indian yogis, subtle energy components of our organism are as complex as our physical body. For instance, acupuncture meridians are the “veins and arteries” of the subtle body, and subtle energy flows through them like blood through their physical counterparts. Ancient science teaches us that all changes in our physical body, good or bad, are actually initiated in the subtle bodies.

Increasingly, the Western world has come to realize that each one of us is much more than a physical body. Slowly accepting the amazing achievements of traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurvedic medicine, Western Civilization has begun to seriously consider the validity of these ancient approaches to human well being. These approaches are based on the knowledge that the Universe consists not only of the physical world however, also of higher worlds of progressively subtler energies that act in concert with the physical.

Even though we cannot perceive subtle energy with our ordinary senses, it is essential to our mental, emotional and physical functioning as well as our spiritual development. The Chinese “Chi” and the Indian “Prana” are terms that recognize this vital energy.

Stress, unhealthy life conditions, negative thoughts, etc. may lead to corresponding distortions in the subtle body creating emotional, mental or physical illnesses. Correction of the subtle energy distortion may lead to the “reprogramming” of the subtle body and may act to prevent or correct the physical manifestation of imbalance. Healthy functioning of the subtle energy system is important for the physical body and mind. Therefore, treating just the physical body, without paying attention to the subtle body, is insufficient. Balancing and evolving our subtle system is paramount in achieving physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony. We must take care of our subtle body and energy system.

Researching subtle matter-energy related phenomena, science in the field of quantum radio-physics has succeeded in unveiling the physical principles involved in these methods of traditional Chinese medicine simply by employing techniques made available through modern technology. This is the very same energy that has been accessed since ancient times by practicing a variety of healing arts in different cultures such as Acupuncture, Tai Chi and Reiki. The American Natives of the Southwest called this energy “Sky Food.” The unique contribution from this new technology is to imprint the Energy into CDs or Audio Files in a way that it can be retrieved and broadcast into a room simply by playing them on a device.

The powerful tool of Prana-Chi is available to anyone who desires to experience and benefit from this Universal healing energy. It is as simple as playing the Energy CDs. Each Energy CD has been imprinted with specific patterns of subtle energy on each channel and on each side. The Energy created is not audible. Note that there are no subliminal messages of any kind on the Energy CDs.

As mentioned previously, our universe consists of the physical world and much higher worlds of subtle energies that interact with our physical world. In fact, changes in our physical bodies correspond to changes in our subtle energy fields. The patterns of subtle energies emitted from the Energy CDs activate and open all the acupuncture meridians of the body simultaneously, invigorate the energy centers called chakras and promote balance in all the levels of the body. Once you have achieved a 60% energy level, then the body may take over and bring the energy level up higher. Increasing the level of Energy present in your system will stimulate you to engage in new activities and can actually enhance your ability to be successful in the achievement of your goals. You will discover that you have amazing will power and are able to handle stressful situations more easily. As a user of Energy CDs you will experience much more than we could hope to describe, because you will have removed the energy blockages from your system. The range of positive effects resulting from this clearing process is all encompassing; however, specific to each individual’s needs. The Energy CDs have been imprinted with healing energy patterns for a wide variety of specific purposes, such as:

  • Purifying and Balancing the entire energy field
  • Elevating mood
  • Boosting physical energy
  • Expelling obtrusive thoughts
  • Enhancing concentration
  • Facilitating sleep
  • Opens the heart chakra
  • Stops negative thoughts
  • Opens the third eye
  • A choice of forty-six different energies

For those who practice meditation or other techniques of spiritual self-development, the Energy CDs will speed up progress immensely. They will enhance the effects of affirmations, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, and past-life regression and provide experiences of tranquility, deep peace and profound insight. Any procedure dealing with the alteration of the human energy field including acupuncture, acupressure, massage, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, yoga and meditation, is greatly augmented by using these CDs. For those people who are just entering the beautiful world of meditation, the Energy CDs will help you experience deep meditative states. All of the Energy CDs stimulate and develop psychic abilities; however, several CDs were created specifically for this purpose. Such abilities depend on one’s capacity to accumulate and control subtle energies, and the Energy CDs can train your energy centers to be receptive to psychic energy. The Energy CDs will train your energy field just as muscles are trained with regular physical exercise.

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