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Stone Rabbit Sanctuary

Relaxing, Healing, Spiritual Retreats

All retreats are planned personally for you. We offer a half-day, full-day, and over-night up to seven days. Groups are also welcomed. 

Energetic Wellness

Meditation Pyramid use:  free
Genesis: $80 session (Click here for more information)
Massage chair:  $15 session (Click here for more information)
Biomat:  $40 session (Click here for more information)
Infrared Sauna:  $30 session (Click here for more information)
Subtle Energy Activation Device:  $15 session (Click here for more information)
Aura Photo with reading:  $45 session (Click here for more information)
Ultraviolet light:  $7 session (Click here for more information)
Negative Ion machine in room:  $10 night
Reflexology:  $60 session
Crystal healing: as negotiated

Services by phone or in-person

Counseling & Psychic readings: $80
Chakra reading & clearing:  $125
Home/environment clearings:  $125


Many subjects:  What are your/your groups special interests

Pagosa Springs Mineral Spirits

You might want to plan for some time before or after a retreat at Stone Rabbit to visit the hot springs. The Town of Pagosa Springs, which sits in a large horseshoe of meadows and woodlands between the Southern San Juan Mountains to the East and the La Plata Mountains to the West, is dissected by the beautiful San Juan river. The small town is the home of the largest and hottest hot springs in the world. The bottom of this spring has never been found. The water is also used to heat the buildings in downtown Pagosa Springs.

These naturally therapeutic mineral baths have been valued as far back as the Anasazi and the Native American population who first used them. The name “Pagosah” (which means ‘healing water’) was given to these hot springs by the Native Americans due to their experience that the properties in the waters could restore health and heal illness.

Today visitors soak in the Hot Springs and their ‘miraculous’ properties by bathing in the many small pools of various temperatures near the river. These pools with changing rooms and showers are owned by the Springs Inn. From these pools you can also get into the river to cool off.

Across the street, at The Spa Motel, there is a pure mineral water swimming pool and some hot pools. Both places have massage services nearby and provide accommodations.

What is it about the springs, that have kept people coming back, as well as attracting new visitors? There are many testimonials of people experiencing relief and cures from rheumatism, stomach ailments and skin conditions. Others just love to soak or swim in these healing waters after a hike, skiing, or a retreat! Pagosa Springs and Baden-Baden Springs have similar mineral content and are considered the most effacious mineral springs for the human body in the world.

Mineral Content of Spring Water

The age of science and information has provided us with this analysis of the mineral content in milligrams per liter of spring water.



Sodium function as an electrolyte, enabling the electrical impulses of the body to make connections. Excessive intake linked with hypertension.



Potassium is essential for protein synthesis, stimulates intestinal tract normalcy, reduction of high blood pressure and stroke potential. Helpful in kidney stone prevention.



Magnesium is a co-factor in 300 enzyme reactions and protein synthesis. It helps remove toxic substances from the body, and is vital for healthy bones by contributing to calcium balance.



Silicon is active for the growth inside bones, bone crystal, cartilage and connective tissue.



Chloride also acts as an electrolyte in the body.



Low fluoride levels may increase chance of osteoporosis. Helps form strong teeth.



Arsenic compounds have been used in homeopathic remedies to reduce swelling and inflammation in body tissue.



Boron is helpful in healthy bones and joint function. It increases muscle mass and strength. May be helpful in the treatment of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Boron increases males sex hormones.



Iron is essential in the transport and storage of oxygen and the release of carbon dioxide in the lungs. Low levels of iron are linked to many illnesses and early mortality in elderly populations.





Manganese is involved in many enzyme systems, RNA and DNA synthesis, glucose metabolism and storage of glycogen in the liver. Necessary for healthy bones and joints.



A component of the B vitamins and found in collagen a protein used in connective tissue. Strengthens hair, nails and skin.



Zinc functions in over 200 enzymatic reactions in the body. It plays a key role in the stabilization of genetic material, tissue growth and repair.

Photo Gallery

We invite all members of the Foundation For Science and Spirituality to take a retreat at Stone Rabbit Sanctuary.

Here are some photos to give you an idea of the wonders that await you at Stone Rabbit Sanctuary.

Redbird is a drum maker. He passes his knowledge on to us.

Here we find a couple on a retreat tapping for the Holy Sap.

The Holy Sap can be burned to cleanse the soul.

Contact / Location

Contact info

Phone: 970-264-2592
Leave a message if no answer and we will respond within 24 hours

4200 County Road 551, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
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Click here to book a stay at the Stone Rabbit Sanctuary on Airbnb

Stay at Stone Rabbit Sanctuary Bed & Breakfast, a division of the Foundation of Science and Spirituality. The Bed & Breakfast is located on the Stone Rabbit Sanctuary, 24 miles South of Pagosa Springs, CO, and the drive along the San Juan is beautiful. The closest commercial airport is Durango, La Plata County Airport (DRO). Auto rental and private shuttles are available at the airport. The Stone Rabbit Sanctuary Bed & Breakfast is located on 155 beautiful acres of peaceful and secluded land on the Navajo River in the mountains of Southern Colorado, surrounded by the (Southern) Ute and (Jilliaro) Apache Indian Reservations. The land it is on is an archaeological site. The interior of the Bed & Breakfast is luxurious, with different artifacts, art, crystals, and minerals on display and available for purchase. It is recommended to have one to two people per room. Amenities include Wi-Fi, free parking, animals are welcome, organic breakfasts, and spectacular star gazing on the upper exterior deck of the Center. To see what other services and amenities are available white you are at the Stone Rabbit Sanctuary Bed & Breakfast, check the Retreats page.