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Stone Rabbit Sanctuary is a location of archeological significance. We are constantly discovering items that shed light on all of humanity. Our visitors are welcome to search for such items, although we request all findings be left within the Sanctuary.

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September 6, 2000

Dear Susan,

Enclosed is an article from this last Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch about advancements in photography being used in archeology to enhance latent or degraded images. Perhaps it may be appropriate for your use or needs.

It is worth externalizing and sharing in writing my experience that I related over the phone in regard to the fired-clay deer figurine or artifact I found on the mesa or mountain ridge behind the trailer.

Your phone message was that the archeologist said ‘the figurine was 800 – 1,000 years old. In 15 years he had heard of items like this locally, but had not seen one personally. It was either a child’s toy or a ceremonial item, and that he leaned toward a child’s toy. In dousing your feedback was in relation to ceremony.’

After getting this phone message I found myself pondering the idea of what it would have been like 800 to 1,000 years ago in that location.

Then, in my consciousness I was a young Indian walking along with a group in single file at night. We were walking south and just beginning to -cut from the west side of the ridge top toward the eastern edge where a ceremony was to take place around a fire under the stars and overlooking the bowl shaped canyon there.

I dropped the deer figurine. Immediately, and before I could stoop to pick it up, an energy moved into my consciousness and said, “Let it lie there. You will find it again. . . in another life”. As I walked on, I could remember the thoughts that flashed instantaneously in my mind. “But, it is lying on top of the ground! Someone else may find it. Someone behind me may step on it and break it. How will it get covered over? How will I find it again?” Psychologically, I saw the choice to walk on as the easier one because stopping and looking for it would disrupt the solemnity of the procession and spotlight my clumsiness. My mother asked where the deer was as we sat around the fire and people were placing items in the center. Then 3 dimensional personality life moved on-in both time frames.

All that day I was buzzing with energy. No effort was required to bring forth the experience again. I merely needed to open to it. In the collapse of time it lives now. It was such a rich, joyous experience. The overriding gleanings of insight so far have to do with the appropriateness, grace, synchronicity, and perhaps, need, in this life to have a physical linkage to make real and personal the truth of our immortality. Past life flashes and accompanying intuitive insights had given me a certainty in immortality intellectually but they have not had the personal energetic impact this had.

Several days later Sandy did some energy work to help me rebalance. It seemed that Indian youth experienced a sense of personality loss of power at losing a valued possession, the figurine. Of course this was a purely subjective and self- imposed loss-of the nature of an illusion-from the perspective of larger spiritual reality. Yet that personal energy was present and I released it. The insight came that the loss then was the seed for the gain today of the greater reinforcement within personality-level consciousness in this life that our true power comes from knowing and living–being our immortal and divine nature and not from anything external.

Blessings of Light and Love,
S. Benson Jr

This is Chimney Rock, which is located just 12 miles northeast of the Stone Rabbit Sanctuary. This was an astrological site for early Native Americans in the area.

This is a kiva at Chimney Rock, which is located just 12 miles northeast of the Stone Rabbit Sanctuary.

Here are some rocks found on the property of the Stone Rabbit Sanctuary. The large object in the forground is a table made of petrified palm wood. Directly behind it is a rock carved to represent a female bust.

Here are some rocks found on the property of the Stone Rabbit Sanctuary. The bottom left rock is carved to represent a rabbit. You can see why the property is called the Stone Rabbit Sanctuary.

Stephen Biehl

Dear Foundation,

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for the plane ticket to Colorado. My trip, although brief due to my schedule, was very enjoyable and rewarding for the both of us. My preliminary investigations of your property identified what may turn out to be a substantial Anasazi site. This site is located at the northern portion of your property within the valley of the Navajo River on what appears to be the first terrace of that river. Also, according to Susan, there are some kiln-like features located behind the house along an intermittent stream or ridgetop run-off of which I was unable to see when I was there due to recent rains. Susan, Paul, and I picked up some pottery pieces from the ground surface at the location of the site. These pieces (6) were taken back and cleaned by me at the house. Susan then took the pieces to a local archaeologist at the U. S. Forest Service, Bruce Ellis and a geologist, Glen Raby. I believe that if you are interested in proceeding with an archaeological dig at this site then further communication and planning should be developed in order to carefully and conservatively excavate the site according to available funding. A second alternative for the site would be to contact local universities within Colorado and/or New Mexico and see if any interested graduate student seeking an M.A. or Ph.D. in Anthropology/Archaeology and who is interested in Anasazi Period sites would be interested in performing archaeological investigations at the site for their dissertation topic. Of course, if you have other plans, then I am sure we can work something out together. I look forward to future communication with Susan and/or yourself.


Stephen M. Biehl

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