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The GENESIS is a tool built in support of the view that a human being is not only a physical body but also consists of complex patterns of energy and electrical impulses and has an innate drive toward growth, order and wholeness. Because mind, body, and emotion are inseparable, a change in one perpetuates a change in the others. GENESIS combines state-of-the-art cybernetic technology with revolutionary concepts of music therapy, biophysics and resonance theory to balance the human mind and body.

The GENESIS Bio-Entertainment Module is a device whose primary purpose is to provide an interactive, closed-loopsonic therapy environment. The Genesis environment responds to the person on the table, altering the properties of the music based upon the changes within that person’s Bio-Innergy Field. Prerecorded music or synthesized music and sounds are used.


A Genesis Bio-Entertainment Module consists of three functional units. The FRAME, a geometric shape called a Cub-octahedron, supports the audio, sub-audio and infrasonic transducers, and the table that suspends the person within the framework. The table contains a Bio-Innergy Field Sensor/Processor to pick up the Electrical Field around the human body. A CONSOLE houses a computer, subharmonic synthesizer, Digital Signal Processor (DSP), mixing console, and amplifiers, with cassette, CD player, and synthesizer as sound sources. The GENESIS operator can both analyze and fine-tune the experience via the console.

Bio-Innergy Field

Every person is surrounded by an electrical field which is produced by the intricate workings of the human body. Each time the body undergoes some change, it is reflected within this field. The energy field around the body is electro-static in nature. It is called a Bio-static field when it is in proximity to an electrodynamic body such as a human. Humans give off electrical charges and magnetic fields due to their internal electrical activity, such as muscle movement, brain waves, heart beat, and so on. By observing the dynamic changes in the behavior of this field, using Sensors that are sensitive to these energies we get a “window” into the complex psychological, physiological and neuro-muscular changes taking place within the body. We call this Bio-energy interacting with the electrostatic field around the body the “Bio-Innergy Field”.

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