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Audio Acupuncture™ Testimonials

Customer Feedback

“My husband has been using the heart healthy CD for over a year now. We play it every night at bedtime and in that time his well being has improved greatly! His heart is doing great in fact; his cardiologist has moved his visits from every 6 months to yearly. He is less prone to get stressed out. We love them!” — Diane & Chris Morrell, Pagosa Springs, Colorado

“I have tried several of the Audio Acupuncture tapes as a part of my regular meditation practice. I have found that they are particularly effective during my morning meditation. My favorite is the White Light CD. I feel that this one hits a very broad spectrum of frequency for me. I am energetically clean, clear and resonant for the whole day.“ — Holly Duckworth Ph.D Awarecare Durango, Co. QHHT 3 level

“With the Audio Acupuncture CD: Concentration & Focus, the results are awesome, kids alike can prosper amongst school, yet achieving full concentration and focus. But yet, also adults can be helped by this amazing CD. They can concentrate on their work easier, with improved results of success, and to find cocentration with bills or at work itself. Both kids, teens, adults, and the elderly have the same outstanding outcomes, or perhaps much more.

“Before the Concentration & Focus Acupuncture CD I wasn’t paying enough attention to school, and wasn’t doing so good, work or behavior wise. After listening to the CD I have been doing very awesome in school for a few years know. My behavior, work ethics, grades, and all of above have improved dramatically afterwards.

“In my own opinion, this CD and yet all others as well, are must buy items!!!” — Zachery

“Wandering thoughts is one of the common phenomena people experienced during meditation. The CD provides certain cues that divert one’s attention from the wandering thoughts; as a result, greater meditative concentration can be achieved.

“Pending on meditation experience of the individual and the degree of meditative concentration achieved at that time, a better understanding of impermanent and equanimity could be realized. If I found the wandering thought was overwhelming during a meditation session, playing the CD ‘Quieting of the Mind’ and ‘Balance’ were very helpful, then I returned to the Vipassana (Insight) method to examine and observe various sensations in the body. The meditation session went much smoother this way.”
— CK

“The new CDs are great. I felt relieved instantly and I have a different way of seeing things now.”
— U.N., Piscataway, NJ

I have told everyone that I can about your CDs. I am very pleased with my purchases. The CDs are awesome! Some of those formulas are alchemic. Also, there are some that are compatible with others. I like Booster of Energy and then White Light. Thanks for my etheric body.”
— JP, South Bend, IN

We have been enjoying the CD you sent and felt that, you, too, should be enjoying a flute! So, we have sent this traditional five hole cedar flute. Of all the CDs I think I have benefited most from are the Liver Detox and Liver Support ones. I have played the Gold CD according to the instructions for Eddie’s diabetes/kidney dysfunction. Thank you for making this technology available for all of us.

I really like the philosophy behind your business; blending the science with spirituality. I personally feel that is very pleasing to God. In Meher Baba’s Discourses it reads: ‘Science is a help or hindrance to spirituality according to the use to which it is put. Just as true art expresses spirituality, science, when properly handled, can be the expression and fulfillment of the spirit.’ I have felt a real freeing up of my consciousness when I use the CDs on a daily/nightly basis. Thank you.
— Diane & Eddie Box, Southern Utes

I just wanted to say thank you for coming to Kay’s class and sharing your work with the energy CDs. I continue to use them and have found that not only can they be a ‘quick fix’ for things; but as I continue to use (over six months now) it is easier for my aura (or the energy field around me – I’m not sure of the words to use) to maintain those positive energies on my own. Also, it was very considerate of you to work with me on a payment plan I could manage. I hope you find time to visit Kay’s class again. Everyone enjoyed your presentation very much.
— M. W., Worthington, OH

Susan Young came to Ginger Rose Farms in September of 2003 to teach a class on subtle energies and how they affect the human body. She used Aura photographs to show how different energy vibrations could be used to help a person’s physical, mental and spiritual bodies. Everyone was very interested.

I would highly recommend both the subtle energy CDs and Susan’s services as a teacher.
— Sincerely, K.F., Orient, Ohio 

Thanks again. I hope your work continues to go well for you.
— R. A., Columbus, Ohio

I wanted to thank you with all my heart for Audio Acupuncture! I believe it has saved my life. It has kept the negative energy, that surrounded a difficult divorce, away from me as nothing else had, and I’d tried everything. Audio Acupuncture™is a very subtle, easy to use, but extremely powerful healing technology. I have had profound experiences with all of the 15 (CDs) I’ve tried – but for me the most dramatic results were from GOOD CHI which directly addressed my particular challenge.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
— Sincerely, K.A.M., Hawaii

I am writing to thank you for your assistance this past year. My life was affected in very positive ways.

I realized at a young age that I was having too many negative experiences as well as the women in family relation to job success, happiness in love relationships, places that we lived, and keeping money. Also, I noticed that things were worse after interacting with certain people. Now, I understand that my vibration frequency is high. Therefore, I need to do things ona daily basis to stay balanced, and why I was having negative experiences around certain people.

I have incorporated meditation, protection, prayer in my life and other spiritual items into my life. The CDs were excellent. I saw immediate changes in people and myself after using the CDs, especially the love to heal CD. I am also visiting spiritual stores.
P. P., Cleveland, Ohio

I wanted to write to you and tell you what a Blessing your CDs have been to me.

I was on Zoloft for over 10 years and I had tried numerous times to stop taking it. Every time I would stop the depression, angry, upset, etc. would come flooding back. So I would go back on Zoloft again. In fact, I thought I would probably be on it for the rest of my life.

However, after listening to your CDs for a few months I thought I was strong enough to try again. This time it worked.

I listen to Detox every morning religiously. If I happen to skip it a morning I can really notice the difference. Then in the afternoon I play Balance and then Quieting of the Mind or alternating with Addiction Release. At bedtime I play Cleansing of the Chakras.

Gradually day-by-day I started to feel better. My energy has become much lighted and I don’t feel so heavy or depressed anymore.

I truly believe that this is a miracle to get off the Zoloft merry-go-round.

I just wanted to thank you for giving the world such a wonderful healing tool. You are truly a very gifted and enlightened soul.
Much Love and Many Blessings,E. W.

For the first time in a very long time (I think in 20 years or so) I had a normal bowel movement. Unbelievable. Now I haven`t changed anything else so it has to be the Audio Acupuncture™Energy CDs. NO pain or anything. Golly!!! So I am still playing the Repair Audio Acupuncture™Energy CD as I am hoping that it will help the Fibromyalgia also. What a JOY! Nothing to take by mouth or anything. We were shopping and most generally when I have to go I have to go now, but I did wait until I got home. Oh you will never know how much pleasure I got just to know that I could wait. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
P.W., Sebring, FL 

I would highly recommend the Audio Acupuncture™Energy CDs. In the many years that I and my family have been using them, we have received much help from them.

My daughter, who has rheumatoid arthritis, uses her CDs regularly for pain relief. She played them for my sister-in-law, who has lupus, who noticed an immediate difference in pain relief and increased energy. She then asked for her own CD to play.

Another friend has used the CDs to relieve her headaches. And yet another friend got the first good night’s sleep in a year after the passing of her husband, the first time she played the CD. She now uses it regularly for a good night’s sleep.

I use several of my CDs daily to help keep me balanced and stress free. I would recommend the Audio Acupuncture™ Energy CDs, as I have personally seen the positive effects that a variety of different CDs have had.
— K.K., Worthington, Ohio

I’m 80 years old. I have used the Audio Acupuncture™Vibrational Energy CDs for 8 years. This is how much confidence I have in these CDs. I always say, “Take anything else from me, but don’t take my CDs!” If I’m down they lift me up. If I can’t sleep I use the CD “Quieting of the Mind” and “Cleansing of the Chakras”. To make me stop smoking I used the “Addition Release” CD and I smoked for 63 years. If I need energy I play the “Instant Energy” CD, it gives me energy. I play “Love To Heal” often, such as it is I live alone and it makes me feel loved. If I get the flu or am sick I play “Good Chi” as it always helps. If I have pain or pull a muscle or hurt a leg I play “Relief” and it takes the pain away. When I feel odd when I get up in the morning or after I’ve taken a nap I play “Detox”. If I am grumpy or if things are not going right I play “Balance” as it straightens me right up. I play “Immune” for my immune system. Before I meditate I play “White Light”. I wouldn’t be without these CDs!
— C.C., Bonita Spring, FL

I have been so honored to have spent time with Susan who has created brilliant acupuncture CDs which I use regularly for good health.

I can highly recommend this work for maintenance and happy spirits.
— Patricia Dymond, Canada


Here’s what professionals are saying about Audio Acupuncture™ Vibrational Energy CDs:

As an experienced real estate agent and certified feng shui practitioner it has been amazing how the universe continues to connect me to wonderfully educated & spiritually led people such as Susan Young, who has opened many doors for me personally and professionally along with the Audio Acupuncture™ CDs.

Spending a lot of time in front of a computer, my first saving grace with Susan Young and the audio CDs rescued me from a screensaver that was wearing on my aura making me very ill. Getting rid of the screensaver that was perpetrating my office surroundings and playing balance and gold harmony CDs put me back on track immediately feeling great in no time flat.

After spending some time with Susan, she has educated me on the various Audio Acupuncture™ CDs. As everything is about energy, my family and I have had the opportunity to experience the changes in vibrational energy in our home as needed.

It’s so wonderful when your family reaches for a CD rather than a pill to change the way you feel such as immune or repair.

As a real estate agent I have experienced, give testimony and recommend to sellers and other realtors using various Audio Acupuncture™ CDs to change the subtle energies in a home getting rid of negativity, anxiety, anger or just emptiness and replacing it with positive energies bringing vibrations to a higher level making homes more desireable therefore bringing higher values and easier sales.

As a certified feng shui practitioner and space clearing expert I have incorporated the use of Audio Acupuncture™ CDs to help clear out old energies and filling the space with wonderful and inviting energies. I often make recommendations for various CDs to help people in their day to day lives. As a feng shui consultant I often use various CDs like a fast forward meditation to prepare myself for feng shui and space clearing appointments.

I often use various energy CDs when preparing a room for a client or to teach a feng shui class using gold harmony to pick up the energy and then visualization so they really understand what I am trying to get across. In preparing myself for presentation or creating the right environment in my car for a client I might use quieting of the mind, balance, opening the third eye and visualization. Once I had an out of town client get into my car with a major migraine headache so I plugged in balance along with detox and she immediately felt better and we continued our appointment.

I could go on and on about all 40 some energy CDs! I have them all!

Counting my many blessings,
— C. R., Real Estate Agent &
Certified Feng Shui Consultant & Teacher Dublin, Ohio  

“E=mc2,” Einstein said. Energy is mass and matter is energy. Energy, ultimately, controls everything. The Foundation for Science and Spirituality has many interesting p roducts, services and ideas. The products that I am most familiar with are their energy CDs which they call “Audio Acupuncture.” Some of the titles of the are: “Cleansing of the Chakras,” “Good Chi,” “Detoxification,” “Balance,” “Gold Harmony One,” and “White Light.” Each CD costs $22 and they are a steal at that price. “Cleansing of the Chakras” and “Good Chi” are my two favorites. They really work. “Good Chi” gives you energy; “Cleansing of the Chakras” cleanses each chakra, meridian, and meridian line in the body.

I highly advise that each of you acquire at least these two CDs. Check them out.

— Michael Laughrin
Intuitive Vedic Astrologer

As an owner of the Aurastar/Biopulsar, biofield imaging systems for approximately five years, I had the opportunity to witness first hand the effects of the Audio Acupuncture™Energy CDs and was surprised how fast the change took place within the people that were treated and measured before and after. We know (through working with thousands of people) that on the average a change of energy within individuals is typically five percent over a two- week period. We were seeing changes 40 to 50 points within hours. Even in myself I had been working with restoring the vitality in my root chakra for some time and was able to see the energy shift into balance significantly for myself as well.

— Dianna Stahl
Reiki Master, Biofield Analyst
and Internationally Certified Colour Consultant

I would like to thank you for introducing me to the [Audio Acupuncture] energy CDs. They are very helpful in being aware of blocked emotions, releasing blocked emotions, and how to maintain a person’s new awareness. I highly recommend these CDs. —Sincerely, FB, Massage Therapist

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